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The First Lady That Never Was !?!?! 

What is criminal ? : Intro :

To the Intelligence agencies of the world !! :

What is a criminal ? Is a criminal a person who has two little kidnapped , stolen or / and trafficked girls ( Human child sex slavery ) and parades them as his own in front of the world while faking a marriage to a man and running a country into the ground to serve one purpose for a group of child trafficking masonic pedophiles . Then pass laws to give him clear control to kill innocent people while passing more laws to protect criminal international Eco / food criminal bio engendering organizations like the criminal Monsanto . Is is criminal that no one in the world is asking who are those children and where did they come from ? Is it criminal that even the most so called intelligent networks were evaded by a transvestite . And on that clear fact that clearly proves those kids were taking from some place and that was not his A - - ( LOL ) . Is it criminal that no one has stood up or even recognized who those children really are and said nothing to help them or truly identify them ?  Is it criminal when it is clear identity fraud and the worlds most intelligent networks prove one horrific fact . They all work for the cartel and human trafficking networks and get paid to play the game and to act dumb and take your money while laughing at you . While doing all this while funding a war from both sides that they started ( and swore before they got into office to bring your sons home ) Obama has only esacalated the war and that is a fact . Just take a look a Paris and the middle east and C.I.A.Isis . There is no way they all could not know . Even Putin who is playing the War savior and could have ended this and saved Russian militarizes time and lives with one action or even sentence of truth about Obama . Nope , but instead even he is playing the Tv physiological crying game for the general public and that is sadly clear . It's a truly sick world when you see what a fact clearly is and what they do with these facts and how they twist and kill people who report them . What is criminal and mind control and clear out right lies that clearly make a house of cards fall apart even when that house is the White House ? Is it Criminal if a celebrity talk show host ( Joan Rivers ) and comedian " tell tell " the truth ( The Clear Truth ) about the transvestites and fag . Then Even the legend Joan is slayed by the rath of telling the truth and she ends up dead shortly after doing this statement live on TV . Dead because her statement would have lead to one inevitable question . Who are those girls Obama and the Trany are pretending to be his and its daughters  .They are clearly not yours MEN on Men !!!!!!!!! 


Is it pure criminal to pass a law giving them the right to keep the stolen / trafficked children legally and come out to be Gay after committing world wide beyond treasonous acts .Yes they passed a law giving them full right to keep those kids . As a full blownm gay couple ( The Senate passed a law Gays could keep kids in all states and can be leagally claimed as a married couple in America ) and they did it right in front of your face world wide  . And while after doing all this is the G8 ( Obam States He Vows to Get IsisC.I.A. )  after a clear association he has with Isis and the Muslim BrotherHood and the C.I.A. that Obama has known affiliation with in his own family and Free mason Bones men sect ext ( Masonic Fact )( The Bones men are who have appointed all president ever since they orchestrated the murder of J.F.K. because he treied to stop them )

How could a man ( Gay ) give birth to human trafficking victims paraded around as there daughters .Obama is Muslim brother hood and part of the Blue Lodge of the U.K. via the Prince Hall Lodge for Black Free masonic occultist . Raping and stealing children is what they do !!!!

White House Scrambles After Evidence Leaks That Michelle Never Gave Birth To Malia And Sasha ( 6, 25, 2016 )

: To Be continued : Your move so called intelligence networks ext , but it seems to me this is a check mate to those who worship the checkerboard board and all who work with them . Clearly it is and all ways will be about the children you never gave a dam about to save . Your actions have spoken so load you should all be deaf by now !!!! 



Obama Exposed! Top 5 Reasons Why They Killed Joan Rivers


 It's A Man . No It's A Women . No It's C.I.A. Skull and Bones Michael / Michelle Obama . 

Intro : 


Here are just some more facts about the Tranny in the White House and the satanic cult in the White House . I hope they don't try to kill me like they did Joan Rivers for telling the Truth !!!! I added more links and more in dept research about the satanic Muslim brotherhood , child trafficking and the history of the C.I.A. and Skull and Bones . Also some facts about 911 , drug trafficking and money laundering along with some things that will make you laugh and some things that will shock you . Stay aware and thank you time for your support . Please share and spread the word on this out right tyranny in the White House .  I would also like to ask you to ask your self a few major questions . I am tacking on this article as to cast a shadow of doubt or more on Obama and his wife based on the past of the Skull and bones and the C.I.A. This is the organization who puts presidents into office and have ever since the killing of the Kings . J.F.K. , Martin Luther King and Malcolm X . Where did the children Obama claims to be his come from if she is clearly a women . More and more stories are coming up that the C.I.A. really is Isis . Another known fact is Obama's brother is Muslim brother hood . It is a known terrorist organization and many were tried for war crimes in the U.N. and were beheaded this year and on the same day of the trial  . Isis is claiming they were behind the recent terror attacks on Paris . Is this how the Nazi Muslim C.I.A. trained terror cells attack ? And on the same the same day as the German and French Soccer game . It is well known the French have a huge problem with the Nazi Soccer teams and they tried something even worse than the recent Paris attack in 2011 but it was stopped by the French Legion and  " classified "  . Is this more C.I.A. style pigeon talking and playing with lives again to start or escalate another war just like 911 to make a point to some one or some country .  Bush started 911 based on all lies and now even Bush and Cheney are being called a war criminal in many countries because the facts . What do you think is going to happen to Obama and all ready has started in some countries  .  Stay strong Paris . Here is what I found out about what is in the White House . The C.I.A. trained and sponsored / protected Isis Muslim Gay Brotherhood Obama .

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  It's A Man . No It's A Women . No It's C.I.A. Skull and Bones Michael / Michelle Obama . 

  The C.I.A. Pigeon Talker known as Barack Obama ( Barry Sarato / who really knows !!! ) : Intro



The Pigeon Talker Weapons ext : 

MK Ultra , Mind control assassins , Satanic Assassins and Nazi Bloodline psychopathic war criminals Masonic family members ext , Doll house like facilities ( Mind control sex slave / child sex slavery to be groomed as a well paid assassin , a holding and grooming center known as a C.I.A. Mind control center Division / Dollhouse ( Brain and Mind Wipe / Trigger control center ext  ) Massive Tv and News and children's networks and Tv / Film  / Music / school and medical organizations and massive Major artist backed by satanic huge Drug / human /child / female trafficking / money laundering blood money organizations ( Narco ) .

Chem trails , Smart dust , Smart Meters , Satellite terrorism , His own private kill list , Black Water , Shadow Government , Echelon , Tempest , Microwave weapons , Thought to be untraceable micro wave weapons  , Muslim Brotherhood , Prince Hall masonic Cult , Blue Lodge satanic Cult of the U.K. , Blue Light Cult , H.A.A.R.P. ( Weather Weaponry / portable weather weaponry ) Stolen or reversed engineered military applications ext .

Abilities : 

Has the Ability to travel to other countries with a publicly known false identity and to repeatedly not get arrested for identity fraud or even for entering a country under a false identity .  Has the ability to Race bate . He can lie to Afro people like he is a clansmen about to lynch a slave . ( he clearly has no contentious and has clear psychopathic behavior ) . Has the ability to spends large amounts of tax payers money . Pretends to be married to a woman who is really a man and lives in the White house with two stolen / kidnapped children , he thinks he has the ability to convince him self and others of outrageous lies , he is Flamboyantly Gay . Lies directly to your face and has no contentious about it no matter what color you are . Massive money laundering capabilities and Pr management ( Wow those Nike and Plate sales for a Gay " Black " President !!!  ) Uses the spells known as the devils tongue and snakes tongue to manipulate massive amounts of people with mind control that is amplified with the Nasa's  S.A.T.A.N. Satellite system . This is piggy backed into the TV and most home , business and security networks that are monitored and controlled by Echelon and Tempest Darpa Facebook ext  . This Networked system is stored and cataloged with satanic Nazi shadow corp known as Darpa . Darpa secretly runs Face book and social C.I.A. Bones men information gathering organizations on the internet and Tv .

Also he thought he has the ability to avoid justice . The Hawaiian women who said Obama's birth certificate was valid was killed in a air plane crash . This crash came shortly after the senate agreed to have a senate hearing on the validity of his birth certificate . 

Life style and Sexual preditoral behavioral addictions :

Fake Marriage to a Man acting like a women . Corporate espionage Cross Dressing , Actor , By or Homosexual , Pedophile and working with known pedophile ring protectors and pedophiles/ occultist   , Satanic occult member and worshiping a false evil God , Known Muslim Brother Hood Member , C.I.A. / Skull and bones Member and has many well known contacts and full fledged Skull and Bones Member and Prince Hall masonic Member .

Other major known members of the Cults and suspected leaders / organizations :

Vril , Thule , KKK , Skull and Bones , Mi6 , Bohemian Grove satanic pedophile Society , Bill"da"berg Group , Knights Templar , Masonic lodges world wide / pedophile satanic cults and Masonic appointed presidents and presidential candidates , Narco , Clintons , Bushs , Rockefeller , Trumps , Rothschilds , Windsors , Khazarian Mafia , Nazi Bloodlines Prince Hall Free Masonic Brotherhood , Muslim Brotherhood , C.I.A.Isis. , Project Montauk , Nasa ext .

Known Pigeon talking crimes :

Pigeon crimes are staging massive terror events to control the news to take away from more news about him or his organization , staging fake news , controlling the news  , False flags operations , known terror attacks / weather attacks ) Passing laws to protect environmental terrorist ( Passed a law to protect Monsanto from being sued by Americans )  . They are being sued by France and France was recently attacked .

  Orchestration and execution / Suspected Crimes : 

Identity Fraud :

Child Theft / sex slavery / mind control :

Presidential / governmental / international Fraud :

International World wide War Crimes :

Eco / Environmental / Satellite Terrorism : 

Murder , Racketeering , Gang stalking , Voter Fraud , Law / Bill making and passing fraudulent laws and taxes  / World wide fraud and is absolute Threat to the public and the world . A true Legendary criminal psychopath  :  

The Senate passes bill to impeach Obama the same week New York is put under water by Weather Weapons that created a monster storm that hit NY . Obama is reelected while NY is under water because there was no media coverage of what the Senate did due to the H.A.A.R.P. created monster storm in NY . Is that Gangster or Eco terrorism or Both ? Obama is reelected and the first thing he does is ask his Muslim brotherhood cabinet members how to run America with out the Senate .

The Senate passes a Bill to give gay men your children to raise . Obama is in the White house with a transvestite and two children were no one really knows were they came from . But hey the Senate passed a law saying he and his transvestite it can keep the kids . So now he can not be prosecuted for possible child trafficking and kidnapping ext . Not to mention the fact that Hoover was the first secretly cross dressing president that was also protected by the C.I.A. because of his twisted fetishes . Child trafficking was in the White house way before Obama . The C.I.A. and Skull and Bones are known for having pedophile and satanic members and people who leave the cult and get killed or just come up missing .

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood go before the U.n world court and get tried for war crimes . They are all found guilty and are beheaded in there own country that day . The next day Obama on Tv  , he releases secret plans on Israels nuclear plants leaving Israel open for a catastrophic fatal attack  . This is in retaliation for the justice served to his war criminal Muslim brothers  .

The World starts rejecting the Rothschilds owned dollar that is filled with satanic symbolism and  starts investing in the China and the Bricks funds . France issues arrest warrants for many Rothschilds while there is no media coverage of this world wide . France is the Rothschilds pride and joy and also the Rothschilds owned the Bastille in Paris and owned more land in France . More than any Frenchmen . The Rothschilds also print the Euro and the Dollar and have a huge financial interest in  France and the I.R.S. and The Federal reserve they own and controlled . Paris is attacked by so called Muslim Isis and many are left dead in the streets . Obama Vows to hunt down Isis at the G8 a day latter . I  guess all of a sudden he does not answer to the Rothschilds and C.I.A. Nazi Muslim brother hood any longer and will hunt down his bosses with Russia  . (  LOL  )

The fact is Putin was destroying him in the media world and destroying Isis with Russian Military in the middle east . Obama and Muslims needed something big to re catch the media from the fact that Isis was trained by C.I.A. and it is being exposed even more in the media world along with more false news and fake media lies . This is nothing new but they have never been caught this fast publicly . This is going on world wide just like another march against Monsanto is about to go down . How much did Obama and his Masonic pedophile thug syndicate pay to keep this fact and media coverage out of the media again . This is just like Hillary Clinton did with the boys Town Scandal and the Men Murders of children . This is the second march and another history making event and a March against one bio weapons engineering company thank claims to make food . Monsanto controls over 90 percent of Americas food supply and it is poisoned .  Genetically Modified Organisms are poison and destroy your system and give you cancer . That is just one of the many physically and mentally damaging things they can do just to name one . Obama passed a law giving protection to Monsanto . Protection from civilians having the right to sue this evil company for turning your fork and spoon into a biological weapon . Cancer death they planed and knew and forced smart meter into your home to quick grow the cancer that inter acts with G.M.O. This is a scientific fact and biological warfare and genetic experimentation . Monsanto is listed and filed with the American Government and U.S. military as a Bio weapons manufacture . Black water has the right to kill you if you protest against Monsanto in America and some say over seas secretly . Black water is ex C.I.A. Navy seals /  Black ops hit teams and ex Special forces  .

One more fact about Paris is Obama passed a law to protect Monsanto using Black water . France and many other countries are suing Monsanto for Millions that could amount to Billions ( Fact ) . Another world wide march against Monsanto is coming up and Black water according to Obama has the right to kill any one and Americans if they protest or try to sue Monsanto ( This is Obma's Monsanto Genocide protection act is what I call it ) . Black water is protecting Monsanto and Black water had to have worked with Isis because Black water has C.I.A. and ex C.I.A. and Navy seal ext in it . Black water / Navy Team seal aka Craft ( Witch Craft ) carried out the Boston Bombings . This is another fact I exposed on my news pages  days after the fake staged Boston bombing that took the life of a innocent man in a staged man hunt . This was another bombing that was a clear test from  the satanic nazi American mind control syndicate and how fare the control could be pushed with the system put into place . No one has done a thing about Boston and Obama and the military mind control cops / Military ext that protect this satanic network . 

To Obama and the Child traffickers / pedophiles and his It : Dear Mr Obama and It . Stop playing games with people lives like they are cards in a deck or pieces of chest on a board . Do you think we are that stupid  ? Try arresting your cabinet members you and your Nazi Skull and Bones C.I.A. protected brother who is also Muslim Brotherhood also via the Prince Hall Free Mason Lodge . Is that gangster ?  Mr walk into the G8 like a C.I.A. Gay Pigeon talker ( Bush ) Walker gangster talker !!!!!!!

SO GAY: Obama Compares HOMOSEXUALITY With These GREAT U.S. Achievements

Here is more of what he thinks the world does not know about his sick fetish for Men and children . It is a must if you are a C.I.A. appointed Bonesmen .



           Oooooops She / it Did it again . Oh It slipped out !!!!!!

Hmmmm . The First Lady That Never Was ( Exclusive JOKE ) . How do you get away with hijacking the first lady and the White House and a country . Just ask Obama .

White House Infiltrated With ISIS Militants, Says Military Insider

It ( Michael / Michelle ) was or is a man and these sick fags that run Hollywood via the C.I.A. had Joan Rivers killed for speaking the truth on live Tv and telling the truth about the fags in the white house . Lets be clear there is no lesbian in the word fags and I can't blame women for having nothing to do with the evil ways of man because this is just absolute pure evil ( take a good look at these sadistic men ) ( lol ) . These are sick degenerate men who work with sick bull dikes who traffic and rape kids  will all be hunted down for what they do to children . It is standard for all C.I.A. Skull and bones members to engage in homosexual and child rape and sacrifice rituals . JFK was killed for trying to Dismantle the C.I.A. and now you can clearly see why . Take a good look at what they have done to America . C.I.A. Child trafficking net works and Uguthian child sex black magic occultist steal and rape kids for sexual black magic power . If you were really educated on what is really going on you would see it clear as day . Not to mention they just approved fags to have kids and this is why .

Joan Rivers was killed by C.I.A. after telling the truth and the cult released fake pictures of a man pregnant and those were proven to be fake . Obama is a Skull and Bones Muslim brotherhood occultist that more than likely rapes these kids in his masonic rituals . Rituals that you must do to be part of the cult . This evil satanic network feed off children and has to have kids to sustain there black magic . Another fact is Laurel Aston was trafficked by the C.I.A. at the age of two and tortured ext and then made into a mind control assassin . Another fact no one knows anything about Obama and he has a Hollywood like P.R. team to feed you nothing but lies threw the Idiot box aka Tv . 

J. Edger Hoover was a huge pedophile and cross dresser . J.W. Jr is by sexual and did many things for fags and lets not forget about the Huge cover up on the Reagan , Bush , Clinton Mena cartel / boys town prostitution scandal that has never seen any justice and Clinton was made a president for covering this up for Washington . Your fishing the negro card and he is not even black . He is Indonesian and no black person who supports this fag will even bother to look into facts about that and his fake identities . Fact is your clueless about him just like the C.I.A. Hollywood P.R. team makes you think you know but you know nothing and because of your pride you will not even admit that to yourself . See mind control for what it is . Fact is the Skull and Bones have put every president in the White house since they killed JFK for trying to Dismantle The C.I.A. so why do you think Obama is any different . He is one of them and put into office to usher in a huge intake network for child and human sacrifice , rape and torture trafficking ext . It is what they do . It is what they all do and if he did not engage in these rituals of child rape and sacrifice he would not be in the White house . Fact about the cult in America . 

Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?

Posted by Dr. Eowyn 

This is a huge conection to the recent Paris shootings .  

According to what some American officials said , including Hillary Clinton . Al Qaeda was created by the Americans with the help of Saudi Wahabi money and ideology , and of course , many other officials said the same in the United States . And ISIS and al-Nusra, they are offshoots of Al Qaeda. Regarding ISIS , it started in Iraq , it was established in Iraq in 2006 . The leader was al-Zarqawi who was killed by the American forces then . So it was established under the American supervision in Iraq . The leader of ISIS today , who is called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi . He was in the American prisons , and he was put in New York in their prisons , and he was released by them .

Interview: “Al Qaeda was Created by the USA With the Help of Saudi Wahhabi Money”




Obama’s Homosexual Agenda & The Jews Behind It


U.S. Pilots: Obama Blocks 75% of Airstrikes on ISIS .


 The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS



 ISIS leader a confirmed CIA puppet

ISIS : A CIA Creation to Justify War Abroad and Repression at Home

ISIS and The CIA What You Need To Know!

Obama's brother linked to Muslim Brotherhood

The crying game two : Obama Admits His Wife is A Transexual Man Named Michael .


Skull & Bones: It's Not Just for White Dudes Anymore




                              Sex Slavery and Muslims 

This is some truth about Mohamed and the cult in the middle east that practice child sex and child sex marriages with the full protection of religion . If a Muslim women is raped by another man other than her husband . Yeah you heard me raped by another man other than her husband . She is put in jail for being raped by another man . Seriously WTF ? Rape is rape even if she is your bought and paid for child sex slave in your massive Herem of sex slaves .

Another fact about Mohamed is there are two Mohameds . The original dark brown skin Olmec Hebrew descendant and the Arab thief and corruption of his teachings Mohamed This s no big deal write Just like the worship of a blonde blonde hair blue eye lie . In bible it says he had hair like wool and feet of bronze . His name was Hebrew Yheshwa not Jesus and this will never change . Jesus is a white lie just like the second Mohamed . This is why they do not want Muslims or Christians to study the facts about how they are lied to and led to the devil with Crishlam ( collaboration with the Vatican and Islam to serve the devil ) via Islam and the Vatican who have laws that protect pedophiles and this is a known practiced fact . If you do not think this is evil so why do Muslims worship some huge black stone they claim is from outer space and Christians worship a crucifix that is a abomination against the cross and Gods son . So were is the profit worship in worshiping a freaking stone from space and a blood stained cross with a false profit .

Child sex marriages are heavily practiced in the Islamic religion and because of this this cult bread devils with child rape . How can you get a good unharmed soul with a raped pregnant child . You can not get a good soul you get a devil because it was not made of any love at all . Rape is rape . You get a demonic child cursed and forged in rape and to continue the devils walking on earth among us . This tradition carries on the tradition of the Nepheline . The Gelin ( the race you know to be called Angels and are nothing like what you have been taught ) God cast these devils out of heaven ( space is the technical term for heaven ) . These out cast raped humans and enslaved humanity and raped children and women to bread giants devils with black magic and curses . The Nephaline brought war ,pain and pestilence to Earth and taught man how to war on his self ( self destruction ) and most of all God . This demon breading is practiced and known and practiced in the cults hiding behind religion to sacrifice , war and bread us like cattle . The lure to Islam is for men and any man would love to have two - 200 wives if he can afford it write . WRONG one good women is a true gift . Muslim women are treated so bad and put into a place of a slave to submit to her so called husband or sex slave master .

Obama has two daughters and is part of the Muslim brotherhood and the C.I.A.'s Skull and bones . Joan Rivers died shortly after she said on live Tv that Michelle Obama is a Transvestite and America needs to wake up . Then the media try to put fake picture of a suspected transvestite pregnant on the net . The net if full of real picture showing Muslim Michelle packing full male heat bulging threw her dress . My question is were did Obama's kids come from Muslims . This is all in your face day to day and no one does anything about this sadistic cult in the White House that is part of the Nazi Free masonic cult cartel that the Clintons , Bushs , Windsors , Rothschilds . All of them control C.I.A. MI666 and Free masonic occultist world wide answer to these devils . Muslims and Free Masons collaborate and work with the Nazi created Muslim brotherhood and all the other Free masonic lodges and factions . Mind control ,sex slavery ,child and human sacrifice ,international human and drug trafficking are what they do in the full cover of wars they start and lies they tell to hide these facts that I am sharing with you .

I live in the spirit of Sakai , I fear not these devils . The next day is not promised for any of us . I choose to tell the truth even if they do kill people for telling the truth . Just look at what they did to Malcolm X after he left the retched nation of Islam because he found out the dishonorable Elijah Mohamed was sleeping with children . Then X left the nation of Islam race baters ,race slavers ,race traders and they killed him because he knew the truth . They silence anyone who puts facts together to expose the pedophile satanic cults . They all share the same interests when it comes to women and kids . The practice of sex with children and human trafficking . They all practice kidnapping women and children to put them in a Herems as a child sex slave or a C.I.A. sex slave for the Skull and bones free masonic cults that traffic women and children all over the world . This is what the C.I.A. is and why they protect the Operation paper clip relocated Nazi occultist they brought to America for the KKK . Both Arabs and Nazi scum consider them self the first man . The first Ariens that have dominion over man and most of all the women and children and you and me .

Were did the children of the homo sexual Obama couple really come from ? Why am I the  only one asking this question ? This is a clear facts that even the Government officials that say they protects us are not even protecting the kidnapped children in the White house . How do you expect them to protect you or your kids when they protect these criminals who hurt , rape , mind control , traffic and sacrifice children ? 


This is who Muslims Worship truly . A black demonic cube that is satanic Saturn worship  . Set the so called Sith Lord .  Allah is a female deity that they truly give no recognition to this fact or the respect to women and the Female spirit .  



Cronus / Chronus / Saturn / Ninurta / Set / El ( article link )


                (Saturn Worship)THE BLACK CUBE


Rich Arabs Give Their Children Black Slaves As Birthday Gifts :


The word slave is Slavic in origin and so is the word kidnapping . The word comes from to nab a kid / slavery / sex slavery / first form of trafficking . I am a of mixed origin ( Blackfoot , Olmec , English , Irish , Haitian Jamaican , French )  I am of both sides of slaves Aboriginal Afro and white . The first slave traders were Muslims . The first slave traders in America were British . They all know this and covet it .


White Slavery in America - Michael Hoffman


                            ( Video Link )




                                  Herem on Wiki Pad


How many lives taken over oil , drugs , money , human trafficking and out right lies to control drug and oil territory in the name of war ? 


 Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Sent Bill Clinton $3.5 Million From Secret Swiss Bank Account


 Sex slave’ claims Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s ‘orgy island’


Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had 'regular' orgies at his Caribbean compound that the former president visited multiple times





Dyn Corp is a huge money laundering / child and human trafficking and drug trafficking front organization for the caretel , C.I.A. and Narco / NWO international . 


Ted Nugent Wants Obama Executed: ‘He’s the Enemy of America’ (Video)

Obama Admin Gives $Millions To Kansas Mosque With Terror Ties…Many Calling it Treason

Ex-Gay Obama Had Homosexual Affair With Pastor

DHS Whistleblower: ‘Obama Deliberately Dismantling Americas Defenses’

US Military Forces Refusing Orders from Barack Obama and Taking it to Court

                    VIA ::: Senior Airman Brian Kolfage

Just proved SNOPES, wrong. this is TRUE! as you can see I turned off a couple layers which are shown on the right... this is an altered document. all those layers are added info. this is FAKE and the only way to know is to use Adobe Illustrator. download the one that snopes shows and try it yourself if you have Illustrator some of the info is penciled in digitally... really?

                           Obama's Fake birth certificates :


                   VIA ::: Senior Airman Brian Kolfage


                      Obama's Fake birth certificates :

This is my analysis of the Obama birth certificate. Its safe to say i'm an expert with photoshop and know what techniques create anomalies as shown on his form. The form contains a white halo behind most of the letters, which happens if you were to take words from a white form/paper cut them out digitally but not good enough. Its very difficult to cut out small letters perfectly especially around inside loops of tight spaces. If not done perfectly and you overlay the cut outs onto a color background you'll see the halos pop out. whenever you type onto a document there will be no halo's or outer glow as Iillustrated .

I've been using photo shop professionally for 10 years . Here is a 5 minute analysis .


Cynthia McKinney Grills Donald Rumsfeld - DynCorp :

Dyn Corp gets paid by your tax dollars and the American Government for trafficking children in the name of a fake war that kills real people . A war they started and control to kill and steal and start another war while destroying lives and stealing children and women . This is what Cynthia McKinney exposes .

Dyncorp exposed for the trafficking of Women and Children :


Bush's father was the head of the C.I.A. and stepped down to become president and is a full known member of the KKK and C.I.A. and Skull and Bones . His son is sitting in a room full of Afro children while acting like he is reading a book about a goat holding the book upside down in a Florida class room . I ask you is this clear C.I.A. pigeon symbolism talking and clear out right slap in the face of Afro people ? Sept. 12 was the day the Senate gave the environmentalist to file the impeachment act of Bush . Sept . 15 was the date the Senate gave Johny Cochran the date to file the Black Reparations law suit . Nothing was filed on the N.W.O. and Bush due to 911 it was paid to vanish and many environmentalist were killed and Johny Cochran was killed also and nothing has been done as I continue to live in poverty as i expose the truth the media is paid to hide at all cost . I know i am the number one recipient due to my mixed bloodline . I have been heavily targeted since 911 . I grew up in KKK Tx . The home of the Bush Gulf KKK cartel . Bush has a home / ranch next to Vider Tx . Vider Tx is in between Austin and Houston ( these two towns are a two hour drive from one another )  and it is a all well known all KKK small town . Bush was a known Coke head before he was a Governor of Tx . When he ran for Governor exposing his known drug past was on Tv . Those people were silence and it never went public after that . There were Bush's sitting at the head of the Fox network during the Bush Gore American electoral theft . Fox was the only network that said Gore did not win and that started the out right fraud and theft of the American voting system . There was a Bush sitting at the head of the Florida voting system that was the deciding vote to make Bush Jr a fraudulent President who took us into a war they started on complete fraud and deception . How far do you think they went to put Obama in and it in the White House to serve there evil purpose .




 How far does it all go and who were all involved ? Zionist are fake Jews and stole the Hebrew teachings and language and use it as a clear form of deception to evade being known what they truly are .They are all satanist and pedophiles who operate like a mafia and covet it like witches to serve one evil lord .

                               KKK Bohemian Grove

      This is what the K in KKK means to the satanic Nazi Cult .

The Masonic hand shake and what it all means . 

This is clear Satanic worship . 

The Bushs and Obama all answer to the Masonic Blue Lodge and Prince Hall lodges of the U.K. These lodges are run and answer to the The Windsors and Rothschilds who run the P2 lodge and the Vatican secretly .


Obama showing his elegance publicly to the Devil and the the satanic pedophile masonic cult / organization he works for . 

  The Masonic hand shake broken down by a real Master of the Art of telling the truth .  


They truly want you to think 911 and Obama and his it in the White House was not planned down to a T . They would never give control to a Afro man that they did not control and this is a clear fact . We are talking about the nazi satanic pedophile boys Free Masonic rape club . Here is some 911 pictures before 911 from Tv and film and comic books .




Fallow the Money  . They play games with blood money and make Origami jokes while the media they control lies to your face every day .

Were Is all that Confiscated Gold Rothschild Cult that Obama answers to ?  



                    The I.R.S. Is British run and owned and it is a completely illegal establishment made to enforce a tax on work law that never existed and never will .  Show me the Law !!!!!


              America : Freedom to Fascism




                    MONEY LAUNDERING AT ITS BEST


 Rothschilds wars they fund and orchestrate from both side like puppet masters . This is also how they steal property and destroy lives while running the drug and human trafficking cartels .

 Skull and Bones Clinton and Bush are Skull and Bones King Pin Drug Lords . They would not have been made presidents if they were not . What Does that make Skull and Bones Obama and his tranny ? 


The Mena Connection - Exposing the CIA, Bush, Clinton, Iran Contra, And Drug Running

The C.I.A. and the Muslim Brotherhood sponsor child trafficking / Muslim female trafficking intake centers aka Herems . This is all done in the name of wars they start and fund from both sides secretly to feed the satanic shadow government human experimentation black project and child sacrifice satanic ritualistic cults who run these organizations .  Hillary Clinton is one of the biggest if not the largest government official who cover up child trafficking and human sex slavery and ( Iran Contra scandal ) Narco drug cartel involvement . The Mena Arkansas Gulf Cartel murders she was directly involved with is just one huge example . This also led to a Boys town scandal she was directly involved with and in . Then her husband became a president at the hands of the C.I.A. and Skull and Bones . Hillary's reward for covering up murders and the scandals was being first lady and the promise to be the first female president . 


The Iran Contra Scandal / South American country murders . Was also directly involved with the Arkansas Mena murders . and Boys Town Scandal . They all shared the same C.I.A. pilots and drug / child trafficking drivers . Clinton covered this Washington pedophile ring up and still stalks any involved victim that speaks about it even today . 


This is what most men do not want to face or talk about . 


                                  RAPE CULTURE !!!!!!!


George Bush, Skull and Bones, the CIA and Illicit Drug Operations :

Kris Millegan on Skull & Bones, CIA Drugs and the Vietnam War :

                                Shhhhhhhhh Its the real Spy Crying game  .

                          Obama Bush Bones Men ( LOL )

                       Obama Hilldog Bonesmen !!!! ( LOL ) 

 Yeah I am sure they were laughing all the way to the Skull and Bones Bank Rothschild Nazi Bank . I wonder if they will laugh after they see this ? ( LOL )


Operation Paper clip pedophile nazi warlock war criminals protected by the C.I.A.  



      Yes he thought he was really going to get away with this .

Nazis Created The Muslim Brotherhood In 1928/Barack Obama Funding Nazis & Starting WW3/FEMA Camp

   This Is A C.I.A. and Skull and Bones Hollywood production . The Mega Feature AKA  Live Snuff  Film Known as 911 !!! Brought to you with digital enhancement and special moronic psychopathic effects and massive V2k Silent Sound mind control . 


Former Muslim Brotherhood member: "Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim Terrorist"

Obama's Family Ties to The Muslim Brotherhood:

Muslim Brotherhood and Nazi Connection :


The dance that proves it is a man .

    RIP Joan Rivers , Thank you for telling the truth !!!!!!!!

Joan Rivers tells the TRUTH about Obama and His Gay Husband Michelle. And DIES!!


Joan Rivers Murdered By Obama & Illuminati For Telling The Truth: Obama Gay and Michelle a "Tranny" 



                   So is he a Black Gu / Goo Sith Lord ?


Silent Weapons for Silent Wars to protect Tranies and Pedophile and Nazi War Criminals . Quick give me the brain thump print of any one who does not like us .  ( LOL ) But it is really like that . 



Silent Sound Spread Spectrum Mind Control Explained : 




Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Document - Full Read :



Obama passed a law to protect the bio weapons manufacturing company known as Monsanto . So If we protest against this poison Obama gave Black Water to Monsanto for Black Ops Protection to be sent on civilians who do not support this evil company known as Monsanto . The world protest against this evil company who has poisoned the Earth and the food of the world wide and no American Tv coverage as the world marches !!! This event was actual history in the making .Never before has a March been coordinated world wide against a company and took place at the same time . This should tell you how much they need to keep the human experimentation going . 


Or is Obama a  Clone protecting his origin / Evil Moma A.I. and is a genetic defect that needs G.M.O. to live or live off other people as a parasite like fungus . G.M.O. ( genetically modified organism )  is parasitic and fugal based by the way . Yes , that is a scientific fact ? My question is who is he or what is he or it ?  On these facts no one truly knows the answers and the true identity of these criminals in the White house . Here are some links on clones . You decide  . . .



      The Nuremberg Clones ( Nazi Clones )



Evidence Human Cloning Knowledge 1930 USA Early Film Nazi Era Hitler Germany MKultra Boop Dec 2013 :

Barack Obama ~ Seed of Satan... Clone of Akhenaten??? {Sun's Rising in the West}

A Case for Believing Obama is a Clone of Akhenaten :



                           He is really the worst actor . 

Criminals with deep pockets and protection from pedophile psychopaths protecting psychopaths . 


  Smack that pedophile  Up , NWO , WOOP WOOP . Your So Done !!! 



The Son of Perdition: Barack Hussein Obama (Part 2 of 2)



               I wonder who Obamas Handler is or what it is ?


               MK Ultra The Handlers : Video




               Dollhouse Season 2 Episode 11 








This is my Blog I made on Queen Pins Clinton's Birth day .  I posted it on Oct 25 and it have been viewed over 1500 times . Thank you for your support .  

The Truth About The Nazi Clinton Bush Crowley Rothschild Windsors Pedophile Masonic Cult : ( Blog Link )


My Blog that has over 10306 views in over 5 weeks of the posting . I would like to thank every one for sharing it and staying informed .

Breaking News ! The C.I.A. N.S.A.Darpa N.A.S.A. Nazi Secret Exposed





              This is one of my news hub pages

                Dismantle the Central Intelligence Agency


Osama bin Laden's Bush family
Business Connections :

Identifying a psychopath 19 subtle signs/

The Psychopath Next Door (2014) - ( Documentary )

Children of Darkness ( All the occult children are bread psychopaths and are taught to hide it well just like there blood thirsty child rapist/sacrificial parents )

In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism (Full Length Documentary)

Hollywood's Satanic Agenda...VERY Eye Opening Documentary .

Battlefield America: The USA Is At War With The American People



                                  Now They are scared  !!!! LOL!!!!!!

 ((0)O(o)O(0))                                                ((0)O(o)O(0))                                    ((0)O(o)O(0))          



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  2. I was going to post this, then I read where you were talking about Jesus, and said He does not exist, and there was no such person, is this what you believe? If so I feel sorry for you, cause it appears you need Jesus on your side, if all you say is true, now I have my doubts...

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